10 000 steps program

10 000 steps program

Want to move more but lack the motivation or don’t know where to start and then feel bad that you haven’t started? Know that activity is really important to decrease chronic health risks including diabetes, heart disease and cancer but that’s not enough to spark the exercise fire? Sometimes we need it to be really […]

3 Common Mistakes Long Distance Runners make (and how to avoid them!)

3 Common Mistakes Long Distance Runners make

Are you a long distance runner or do you aspire to be? These are some common training mistakes you can avoid! 1. Limited time to achieve goal More often than not everyday athletes set targets or goals which require them to push their bodies to their absolute limits. Whether it is work, social or various […]

Exercise Physiology and the NDIS

NDIS and exercise physiology

Exercise physiology is an allied health service that can help to achieve your NDIS goals. Exercise is important for keeping your body moving, maintaining muscle strength and fitness as well as your overall health. Exercise physiology can assist managing chronic disease and help people living with a disability.   Benefits of Exercise and Physical activity  […]