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10 000 steps program

10 000 steps program

Want to move more but lack the motivation or don’t know where to start and then feel bad that you haven’t started?

Know that activity is really important to decrease chronic health risks including diabetes, heart disease and cancer but that’s not enough to spark the exercise fire? Sometimes we need it to be really easy to start and then remove the obstacles so developing the exercise habit is easier.

10000 steps may be the program for you to help you start and then continue moving!

Exercise is medicine!

The Lancet recently published an article saying to decrease your mortality risk by 40-53%, those under 60 years old should aim for 8000-10000 steps and those over 60 years old should aim for 6000-8000 steps.

  • 10 000 steps equates to 1 hour 40mins of movement in the day.
  • Track your steps to find your starting point. This makes you aware of how active you are currently.
  • Start with where you are at now and aim to increase just a little. Set your goals & make it manageable so you are likely to make new habits or a lasting change
  • Focus on an accumulation of activity-incidental activity, reducing sedentary behaviours and increasing physical activity.


  • It’s easily measured and easy to monitor yourself
  • You can gamify it
  • There’s a lot of social support/knowledge of the program which can help to encourage participation

The 10000 steps program

  • allows you to set your own targets/goals and track your steps online,
  • Track and view your steps over time
  • Join monthly challenges: walk different walking tracks around the world and there’s different levels available within those walks.
  • Connect with friends so you can support and encourage each other
  • Leader boards for those with a competitive streak.

So go online today to www.10000steps.org.au if you want to join up or ring our friendly admin team on 5535 5218 to get the link for our next MH4L program and see if you’re eligible for the free program to support you with your goals towards a happier, healthier you.


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