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Will my body be the same after having a baby?

Antenatal Physiotherapy

Antenatal Physiotherapy


With increasing awareness of the importance of pelvic floor muscle function expectant mothers often ask me how pregnancy and child-birth will effect their pelvic floor. These are the questions that are often asked:

“Will I leak?”

“When can I return to exercise?”

“Do I need to do pelvic floor exercises”

“Will childbirth cause prolapse?”

As physiotherapists with a special interest in Women’s Health, we have a good understanding of pelvic floor anatomy and function and how this can be affected by childbirth. Pelvic floor function can be assessed during pregnancy and then information appropriate to an individual woman’s circumstances can be provided.

Antenatal Pelvic Floor Assessments are usually 60 minutes in duration to allow extra time for full history taking, examination and discussion of pelvic floor function and strategies to prevent dysfunction.

In addition to antenatal Pelvic Floor Assessments our physiotherapists also provide other services during pregnancy including treatment of pelvic girdle and pregnancy related back pain, management of rectus abdominis diastasis (tummy muscle separation) and pregnancy Pilates inspired Exercise. Our massage therapists provide pregnancy massage. We even have the pregnancy cushion so you can lie comfortably on your tummy.


If you are pregnant and would like to be assessed – call 5535 2518 to make an appointment with Natali.


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