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Why Might you Need Massage During your Pregnancy?

Why Might you Need Massage During your Pregnancy?

Back pain during pregnancy is extremely common and usually nothing to worry about. It can occur at almost any stage of your pregnancy.  At Burleigh  Heads Physiotherapy we have a pregnancy table on which you can lie face-down throughout your entire pregnancy.

The level of pain can vary from woman to woman and I find my patients often experience increased symptoms in subsequent pregnancies.  In cases where pain is severe and has not responded to a pregnancy massage we have Physios with a special interest in women’s health physiotherapy available at both our Burleigh and Broadbeach practice. They are able to give further advanced treatment and diagnosis.

Common causes of back pain during Pregnancy

Most often, back pain starts around mid-pregnancy, when your belly begins to show and pushes out of the pelvic area, however I have seen women with back pain beginning as early as 12 weeks.  Pre-existing conditions may worsen during pregnancy and some improve during pregnancy.

  • Relaxin –  hormone is released during pregnancy to allow the ligaments in your pelvis to soften, and the joints to become more flexible. This is a great thing when it comes time to give birth however, these changes are known to put extra strain on your back and hips.
  • Posture – As your uterus grows your pelvis tilts forward this puts strain on the lower back which in turn affects the mid and upper back
  • Weight Gain –The extra weight gained during your pregnancy can put pressure on your entire body. Don’t obsess over weight gain. Let your body do what it has to.
  • Abdominal separation – the two lines of muscle running down your abdominals can begin to separate to accommodate your uterus as it pushes forward. If abdominal separation occurs this is something you should consult our Physios with a special interest in women’s health physiotherapy.
  • Referred pain – you may experience weakness in other parts of your pelvis, such your pubic symphysis – this can feel like pain in the groin and/or inner thighs, usually worsens with activity that separates your legs –  you should consult our Physios with a special interest in women’s health physiotherapy.

You should always talk to your care provider if you are experiencing pain during pregnancy. But a lot of aches and pains can be managed with pregnancy massage and physio.

When Should I see my Doctor?

You should always consult your doctor if you are experiencing the following;

  • Sudden severe pain
  • Fever with back pain
  • Loss of sensation
  • Pain with vaginal bleeding

Tips for relieving back pain during pregnancy

While back pain is often something you have to live with during pregnancy, there are a number of ways you can alleviate it.

As early as possible during pregnancy, ensure you are eating a well-balanced diet to provide your body with essential minerals and vitamins.

Being physically active can also help prevent back pain. Our fabulous Pregnancy Pilates classes are wonderful for this, your physio can give you the best, most up to date advice on what type of exercise are suitable during your pregnancy.

What else helps?

  • A Pregnancy massage definitely!
  • A heat pack can be helpful
  • As side lying sleeping is the recommended position, a support pillow between your knees takes pressure off your hips
  • Our physiotherapists can give you postural and muscle training and strengthening advice to help your posture
  • Try to make sure you get enough rest every day

Pregnancy is an awesome task for your body to complete, and the reward at the end is an amazing new baby. Take the time to enjoy a wonderful Pregnancy Massage at our Burleigh Heads clinic, don’t let your back pain ruin the enjoyment of this very special time in your life. Eve if you don’t have back pain, Pregnancy Massage is a blissful way to relax the body and take some time out to prepare your body for giving birth.

Pregnancy Massage may also help with circulatory issues and swelling, leg cramps, hip pain, general muscular tension, fatigue, insomnia, headaches and pelvic pain.

Our Remedial Massage Therapist – Anna Zayas practices Pregnancy Massage. Our patients often remark to us that our Pregnancy Table is so comfortable they would like to take it home to sleep on!

Health Fund Rebates are claimable on all of our treatments.  A word of advice : not everyone that advertises pregnancy massage has a Pregnancy Table and many don’t have the skill or experience to deal with your pregnancy ailments.   So before you book always ask about the experience of your therapist and what type of massage table you will be lying on; side lying in my opinion is not as comfortable for you.

To book a Pregnancy Massage at our beautiful clinic at Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast please call 07 5535 5218


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