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The Importance of Checking your Running Shoes

Thanks to Aleks Baruksopulo (Podiatrist) for this guest post

If you are running in the Gold Coast Marathon which is coming up in the beginning of July you are more than likely ticking away the kilometres in preparation.  This can be a difficult and delicate time on your body because of the potential wear and tear and the increased risk of an overuse injury.

Checking to make sure your running shoes are not worn out and that you have the correct type is one of the most important ways of reducing the risk of an overuse injury.

If you check under your shoes and the tread has worn through to the mid-sole than more than likely your shoes cushioning has long since worn out.  Running shoes generally last between 800 to 1000kms depending on how heavy (or light) you are on your feet.  You can easily work their replacement date by dividing 800km by the average kilometres you do each week.   For example if you do 40km per week then you would need to replace them every 20 weeks or 5 months.

When I mention this fact to patients they sometimes find it hard to comprehend and I find the easiest way to convince them is to ask them to go and try a brand new shoe of the same model on one foot and one of their old ones on the other.  This is a good way to check to see if there is a difference in the cushioning of your shoes and if you need to replace them.

Another important thing to consider is the correct type of running shoe for your foot biomechanics.  Do you know if your foot excessively rolls in (excessive pronation), stays neutral or excessive rolls-out (excessive supination)?  If you are serious about your running and staying injury free shoe recommendations is one of the expertise of Podiatrists because we are trained in the intricacies of foot and lower limb function.

As a special offer in the lead up to the 2015 Gold Coast Marathon, Burleigh Heads Podiatry is offering FREE Running Shoe Check-ups and Recommendations for Burleigh Heads Physiotherapy Clinic patients and their family members.   This is valid from Wednesday April 22nd until Saturday July 4th 2015.  If you are interested please call Burleigh Heads Physiotherapy reception to mention that you would like to book in your free running shoe check-up.

Aleks Baruksopulo
BHlthSc (Pod), BSc (Biomed)
Burleigh Heads Podiatry
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