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Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy for Bowel Symptoms

elvic Floor Physiotherapy for Bowel Symptoms

Written by Natali Zantvoort – Physio

As pelvic floor physiotherapists, the focus of our practice is often treatment of bladder leakage and prolapse symptoms. Public awareness of these pelvic floor issues has increased in recent times and many clients are aware they can consult a physiotherapist for help.

How can Physiotherapy help?

When people attend their pelvic floor appointment they soon learn how important bowel function is and how it affects the bladder and pelvic floor. Often in treatment we address bowel symptoms to help resolve bladder and other pelvic floor issues.

What about those clients whose primary problem only involves the bowel?

Many people with chronic constipation have pelvic floor dysfunction during evacuation. Straining, hard or thin stools, and a feeling of incomplete elimination are common signs and symptoms. As slow transit constipation and functional constipation can overlap with pelvic floor dysfunction, some patients may also present with other signs and symptoms, such as a long time between bowel movements and abdominal pain.

I have completed an advanced pelvic floor course on anorectal dysfunction co-presented by a leading anorectal surgeon and pelvic floor physiotherapist. It was very useful to learn about the latest assessments and treatments both in the medical and physiotherapy fields. It reminded me how important physiotherapy is in treating bowel conditions. I would like to raise awareness that we can assess and treat bowel conditions such as constipation and faecal incontinence at Burleigh Heads Physiotherapy Centre.

If you suffer chronic or recurrent constipation it is important to first seek medical assessment.
When mechanical, anatomic, and disease- and diet-related causes of constipation have been ruled out, it is likely that pelvic floor muscle dysfunction is causing or contributing to constipation.

Our pelvic floor physiotherapist, carries out detailed assessments to identify pelvic floor dysfunction and create a treatment plan tailored to the individual.

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