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How Physiotherapy can help you achieve your New Year’s fitness goals

How Physiotherapy can help you achieve your New Year's fitness goals

With the start of January often comes New Year’s resolutions, with fitness goals a priority for many. While enthusiasm runs high at the start of the year, there can be challenges to maintain and commit to these long-term goals.

What we often see here at the clinic is people struggling to know where to start:

Sometimes people commence an intensive programme without building gradually which can lead to burnout, feeling overwhelmed with the volume of training they must complete and potential
injuries. On the other side of the spectrum, we see a lack of structure and specific goal setting in their training which can result in a lack of consistency, loss of motivation and
ultimately not reaching the goals that have been set at the start of the year.

How we can support you:

1. Address any concerns & injuries

Trying to begin new training regime with a pre-existing injury can put people off starting, hinder your progress and possibly worsen your current injury. We offer 45-minute consultations for your initial consultation for a thorough subjective and objective assessment, diagnosis and treatment plan moving forward.

2. Creating and actioning a treatment plan

We look at the whole picture and tailor your plan to your needs, goals and level of supervision required. We can offer one-off sessions to get you started with check-ins to update your plan as needed so you stayed motivated and on the right track. Alternatively, you could enroll in any of our classes if you prefer a group environment or 1:1 or 1:2
supervised exercise sessions from a few weeks to longer term as required.

3. 1:1 exercise sessions / Classes

If you’d like to get into going to the gym or want to be stronger but don’t know where to start, 1:1 sessions can be really beneficial for focusing on exactly what you want to so you can get the most out of a session. We focus on teaching technique of lifting and strengthening movements so you feel confident to do these independently. We can guide you on what
movements and exercises would be most beneficial for your needs and/or injuries and gradually progress these while monitoring injuries and symptoms so you get stronger safely.

If you have some experience and don’t need as much 1:1 coaching, we also run Strength & Conditioning classes for up to 4 people if you’d like to do this in a group environment. In these classes we can cater for all different levels and scale or modify exercises for what you need.

If you are interested in the above or would like further information then please give us a call on 07 5535 5218 to discuss the best option for you or to book in with our experienced physios.

Thanks to Lara, one of our Physiotherapists, for this post. Lara has recently undertaken her Level 1 Strength & Conditioning Coach Course.
Outside of Physiotherapy she enjoys doing Crossfit and being active.


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