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April No Falls Day

Gold Coast April No Falls Day – 30th April
Raising Awareness!

Every day, 133 older Queenslanders have a fall requiring medical attention, even though falls are mostly preventable. Falls have a big impact on mobility and independence, but there are steps that can be taken to reduce the risk.

Just about all falls are predictable and are therefore preventable. Research has identified a number of common risk factors for falling among older people. A person’s risk of falling increases as the number of risk factors accumulates. Risk factors can be divided into intrinsic (related to a person’s behavior or condition) and extrinsic (related to a person’s environment or their interaction with the environment). Seniors can find out more about how to avoid falling by staying healthy and active.

What factors place an older person at risk of falling?

Intrinsic factors Extrinsic factors
Increased age Inappropriate footwear (high heels and slippers)
History of falls Inappropriate spectacles
Chronic medical conditions
(eg. stroke, Parkinson’s disease, arthritis)
Multiple medications and specific types
(eg. psychoactive medications)
Impaired balance and mobility
Reduced muscle strength
Sensory problems
(eg. impaired vision, peripheral neuropathy)
Impaired cognition
Low levels of physical activity
Slow reaction time
Fear of falling
Being female

Obviously we can’t change some things, like increasing age, but different health professionals can help address different risk factors.

The Physiotherapists at Burleigh & Broadbeach Physio Centres can work with you to improve –
·         impaired balance and mobility
·         reduced muscle strength
·         incontinence
·         low levels of physical activity
Click on this link to download a checklist so you can determine if you need help from relevant health professionals.

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