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ACL Cross Bracing Method

ACL Tear - Surgery vs Non Surgical recovery

With the thinking around ACL management (Surgery vs. Non-surgery) changing over the last few years there has been an influx of new research looking at what could be the best evidence based treatment approach for a non-surgical recovery of an ACL tear.

One case series looked at the use of the “Cross Bracing Method” and its effectiveness to heal a torn ACL. 16 patients ranging from 14 to 43 with complete ACL tears were put in a brace locked at 90 degrees and guided through the 4 stage 12 week protocol. On 6 month follow up MRIs it was shown that 14/16 patients displayed healing at the ACL, which in the past was thought to have no intrinsic capacity for healing.

Following these initial findings it is difficult to put these protocols in to practice straight away with such a small sample size, but is promising that with further research there may be a viable alternative to heal the ACL without invasive surgery which can also have many negative consequences in later life.
















Based on – Non operative ACL repair: The “Cross” Bracing protocol – Dr Mohammed Chaker Jomaa
(Uni of Sydney)


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