Strength and Conditioning Classes

Strength and Conditioning classes

Strength training is for everyone and the list of its benefits is long. Join us today!

GLA:D Classes for Osteoarthritis

GLA:D®, Good Life with osteoArthritis: from Denmark, is an education and exercise program developed by researchers for people with hip or knee osteoarthritis symptoms.


Prostate Health and Incontinence Training (PHIT).


Hydrotherapy Physiotherapy allows exercises to be done to improve strength and flexibility in a pain-free environment.

Sports Rehabilitation

Strength and fitness training can be an essential part of rehabilitation.

Pre and Post Natal Exercise

Pre and post natal exercise

Exercise can be safe and enjoyable throughout your pregnancy.

Core Control/Clinical Pilates

Core Control offers many benefits over traditional gym strengthening including increased muscle tone, strength, flexibility and improved overall mobility and movement control.

Pelvic Floor Exercise Class

Classes follow a set structure that progresses over the 10 weeks. 8 Participants max per class.

Strength and Balance Classes

Our strength and balance classes offer a safe and enjoyable form of exercise specifically designed to prevent falls.