The New Normal in the Digital Age

The New Normal in the Digital Age

As a health professional and a parent, I thought the beginning of the school year was a good time to go over some healthy media habits that will protect children’s vision, hearing and musculoskeletal development. Screens are here to stay so we need to interact with them in the most comfortable and beneficial way, the […]

Is it okay for kids to lift weights?

Is it okay for kids to lift weights

Calling all super parents! Are you always trying to give your child the edge in whatever sport they compete in? Have you considered weight training or strength training? If you answered no because you believe it’s ‘bad’ for kids then maybe reconsider and read on to be informed about how it could be beneficial for […]

FIFA 11+ and the KNEE program

In the middle of the Aussie sports season, I thought it would be great to discuss two programs within some of the most common sports that have been shown through a multitude of studies to decrease the risk of injury and keep you out of the physiotherapy clinic. With ACL injuries alone accounting for 25% of serious netball […]

Back to School – Free Schoolwear Assessment

Back to School 2016 – FREE School Shoe Assessment and Recommendations – January Don’t forget to book in to have your Children’s school shoes assessed by our experienced Podiatrist Aleks. He will also be able to tell you whether your child may benefit from arch supports especially if they often experience pain or tire easily. If […]

Osgood Schlatters and Severs Disease – Growth plate injuries

Osgood Schlatters Disease

This article discusses adolescent growth plate injuries of the knee and heel- Severs and Osgood Slatters disease as well as managment and symptoms.