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How do Physios use strapping?

Strapping is used mostly within the sporting context to aid in the return to sport quicker then normal. Within Physiotherapy we are also able to employ strapping techniques to aid return to work and leisure
activities, these are almost always used in combination with some sort of rehabilitation/strengthening exercises to ensure that that injured body part progresses to 100%.

Strapping within a sporting context has been used to:

  • Reduce joint movement
  • Increase joint stability
  • Increase joint proprioception
  • Compress a painful joint

All of the goals aim to hopefully return someone to their goals in quicker timeframes.

Main types of strapping tape used in both sporting and rehab setting

Rigid tape which is inflexible, stiff and is best used when trying to reduce the movement of an injured joint and Kineso-tape which is elastic and easily stretched and is used in both setting to increase proprioception of a body area.

Most importantly whether you are returning to sport or work, tape should not be your sole treatment option. As much as the area feels good with the tape on the goal must always be to return to pre-injury movement and strength levels.

If you or someone you know currently has a sports injury or needs rehabilitation, consult one of our physios who can help you get back doing what you love, pain and injury free. Don’t put up with a niggling neck, back, knee or shoulder, get it sorted so you can live life your way!

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