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Headaches and Massage & Simple Self Help

headaches and massage

Headaches can affect your quality of life and even be quite disabling.

Tension type headaches can be treated with Remedial massage that focuses on specific myofascial trigger points that are located in the neck and pericranial muscles.

Stress can increase the incidence and/or duration of headaches so regular self-care that helps you unwind alongside booking in a massage that helps you relax, is important.

You can self-massage the muscles in your jaw, temples, top of scalp and base of head to help relieve headache pain. Try pressing your thumb or finger into the point just below where your eyebrows start near your nose and glide out over your eyebrows for some relief.  Wiggle your jaw to check and see if you’ve been clenching. Take a deep breath.

Fresh air, exercise, decreased screen time, wheatbags and hydrotherapy are other good ways to help reduce a developing headache.

Poor posture takes its toll on the body making you feel stiff and tight and contributes to tension headaches. So don’t forget to check in with your posture and if you need help assessing how to correct it, just ask one our physios.

Remedial massage can effectively treat areas of tension while allowing you a chance to de-stress.  Massage is helpful to relieve a migraine or headache when they occur but also has a proactive role.  People who get regular massage find that the severity and amount of headaches are reduced.

As a general rule, scheduling a massage every 4-6 weeks is a good plan for managing stress, tension and headaches.  However everybody is different, so talk to your therapist about what you believe would work best for you.   You may need to start with a few massages more frequently to treat any long-term tension build up before spacing out to your maintenance time frame.

If you are suffering from migraines or a strong headache when you come in for a treatment just chat to your therapist if there are any smells, sounds or spots that aggravate you.  Make sure you stay hydrated as well, because as you probably know, dehydration can trigger headaches.

If you know anyone with a headache or are suffering with one yourself, please give us a call on 55355218 and get some treatment.

Written by Anna Zayas


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