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Concussion and Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy and Concussion

Over the past few years concussion has become a hot topic in Australia as more and more research emerges in terms of the long term complications that these injuries can cause.

Concussion or mild traumatic brain injury is caused by a force exerted onto the head or other parts of the body where the forces are then transmitted to the brain in a “whiplash” type incident. Most common concussion injuries are as a result of falls, motor vehicle accidents, and sports accidents.

With many concussions going un-diagnosed and untreated it is important to recognise the symptoms and seek medical attention.

Symptoms of Concussion

The most common symptoms include:

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Poor balance
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Dizziness
  • Vision changes

What to do if you’ve Suffered a Concussion

Post-concussion diagnosis a doctor will be able to guide an individual through levels of re-introduction into both physical and mental activities. Initially, it is important to cease any physical activity as well and any mental tasks such as computer or phone time, watching television or general work. The slow introduction back into normal activities ensures that symptoms are managed and the brain is given time to recover and adjust to normality.

Physiotherapy and Concussion

As Physiotherapists, we are able to manage in many of the symptoms that may accompany a concussion such as neck, back and shoulder pain which we are equipped to deal with on a regular basis. Furthermore, we are able to aid in the re-introduction of physical activity or to build a program to reduce the likelihood of future concussions.

Recent research has revealed that there is a direct link between neck strength and the likelihood of future concussions. As physiotherapists, we are able to implement a specific rehabilitation program for sports-people to limit the chances of mild traumatic brain injury in contact sports.

So if you or someone you know has suffered the effects of concussion or are still struggling with some of the secondary injuries feel free to get in contact with Burleigh or Broadbeach Physiotherapy centres to discuss.


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